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We are in the beta phase and are looking for techs who would like to use our platform to get paid jobs from businesses and regular people across Australia. The first 1000 techs to sign up will be given a pro account upgrade for 24 months. 

See For Yourself! How it works

How It Works

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We want to make it easy for people anywhere in Australia to access great technical people for projects or tasks they need to completed. What to be one of these techs? Join us now!

Someone needs help with a tech issue
Someone needs help with a tech issue

They post a Job

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You will be notified of a new job

You make a bid

You win the quote
You win the quote

You get paid

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Here are a few of our top freelancers. We have freelancers for all kinds of tech jobs just waiting for you to post a job. So what are you waiting for?

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Click on the link below to inform us of the category you would like us to add. We should have it added within 48 hours. 

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Here are a few articles to do with how this platform works and how to make the most out of it. 

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